Norfolks und Greyhounds

...When the Man waked up he said "What is Wild Dog doing here?"
And the Woman said, "His name is not Wild Dog any more, but the First Friend,
because he will be our friend for always and always and always."
(Just so Stories. Rudyard Kipling 1902.)

Emma and Kevin Willbie on the beach







Greyhounds in Not :

Introduction to Greyhound Rescue

Once the companion of kings, now an unwanted outcast - the poor greyhound.
These beautiful, affectionate and loyal dogs are bred for racing and then
discarded when they are no longer fit enough to win on the track.

The few lucky hounds whose owners care for them will live good lives in
retirement, but many thousands are abandoned, neglected and abused. In
some countries of Europe greyhounds suffer atrocities and face a terrible
lingering death.

National animal charities take in some greyhounds but many more are saved
by volunteers who devote their lives to the plight of these lovely hounds.

Anne Finch and her group 'Greyhounds in Need' charity re-home greyhounds in
the U.K. and also specialise in rescuing dogs from the tracks in Spain and
Italy. They bring them to homes in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and
Switzerland. They work many miracles.

'Greyhound Rescue West of England' charity covers the western counties of
England. Volunteers pick up greyhounds from a variety of sources
including dog pounds where they are often on 'death row' waiting to be put
to sleep. The dogs are of all ages from puppies with their stray
greyhound mothers to old dogs with grey faces. Some are cruelty cases,
many are in a pitiful condition and are nursed back to health and re-homed.
Funds in both charities are short and helpers are always needed. Every
happily re-homed dog is a tribute to the dedicated people who, in their
different ways, save these greyhounds.

Greyhounds make wonderful pets - many are good with cats, they are gentle
and patient, quiet on the lead, they have modest appetites and are
satisfied with as little as two half hour walks a day. Their greatest
wish is for a warm comfortable bed and loving company. Older greyhounds
are excellent for older people.

Is there a dog out there somewhere who may have a chance of life and
happiness with you?

Sally Anne Thompson

Emma today....

Photos: Sally Anne Thompson