Adult Norfolks for Sale

There are always families or older people who for various reasons cannot or should not have a puppy, but would love to have a Norfolk Terrier as a companion.

For older people in particular, an older dog can be a great companion without the problems of boisterous youth. Please bear this in mind before you get a puppy: they do all sorts of things in their first year of life and have a lot of "silly stuff" in their heads, plus the exuberance, the "running between feet" until they have learned to walk properly on a lead and so on ...

Norfolk Terriers are relatively uncomplicated when it comes to settling into a new environment at an advanced age. We have many examples of this. Even at 10 years old, a Norfolk can easily adapt to a new home, although of course not all dogs are the same. But the many examples over the years have shown that in most cases it is possible without any problems.

Older Norfolks are given away for very different reasons. Some have lost their home for whatever reason and need a new one. Other Norfolks have finished their careers as breeding dogs with us and are now looking for a home where they can spend their twilight years. These dogs are often only about 7 years old and therefore have half their lives ahead of them. But we also have younger Norfolks to give away from time to time, for example when we no longer want to breed with a bitch due to a caesarean section.

It is by no means the case that the older dogs are the ones that could not be sold as puppies. It is rather the other way around. They are the ones we are most attached to and have therefore avoided selling so far.

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