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If your heart beats for a Norfolk Terrier puppy (or even an older dog) and you would like to adopt one, then give me a call or send me an e-mail. The more I know about your background, e.g. your dog experience, the better. However, I will still ask you a number of questions and request a visit to get to know you beforehand (unless we already know each other because you have already had one of my dogs). It is very important for me to know where I am giving my dogs.

There are often puppies available, but you may have to allow for a little waiting time. They are small creatures that you can't just take off the shelf. Breeding Norfolk Terriers is difficult because the litters are usually small (according to current statistics on average 2 to 3 puppies per litter) and therefore there are only very few puppies available here and worldwide, because only a few breeders take on the breed. Over the years that I have been involved, there have been fewer and fewer. Many of those who have started give up after a few years, saying things like: it's too much work for us, it's not worth it, it's not profitable……

However, if you have ever had a Norfolk Terrier, then you know that it is worth the wait, because the special charm of these dogs and their humor, their funny characteristics have made many a dog lover say to me: we have never had such a great dog!

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